Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Complete S01 DUAL 720p WEB-DL x265

tvseriesTV-MAFebruary 4, 2023
A popular manga creator becomes enmeshed in paranormal events while conducting research: Stand User Kishibe Rohan visits Italy, goes bankrupt, and more.
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I absolutely love Japanese anime. Unfortunately, this did not make the cut. Although technically well done, the characters and their characterizations were completely a turn off. The story telling was nothing but pretentious tripe. Each episode had a number listed at the beginning. Apparently, a whole season of episodes was produced but only four of them were selected out of the season to air by Netflix. Episodes 1 through 3 didn't make the cut. The ones aired were not in order, confusing the ongoing storyline. It was so bad, they couldn't release anything but these four episodes, sacrificing any possibility of continuity. Thumbs down.

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  • Landon McDonald
  • Zach Aguilar
  • Jalen K. Cassell
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