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tvseriesAugust 19, 2023
The world's most popular motoring show comes to MotorTrend. Based on the original motoring series by the BBC, this version pays homage to the legacy of the Top Gear brand with a few original ideas from the minds at MotorTrend.
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This iteration of TG was made for a streaming service and it shows. Camera work is awkward. Seems like every episode, or at least the 2 I could sit through were filmed in the middle of the desert. Its as if 95 percent of their budget went to buying/renting the supercars. The hosts aren't funny and seem awkward together. History Channel's 2010 version started off iffy but became pretty enjoyable as the series went on. That may happen here but it would take a considerable amount of work to get there.

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  • Dax Shepard
  • Rob Corddry
  • Jethro Bovingdon
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