Trailer Park Boys The Animated Series Complete S02 480p NF WEBRip x264

tvseriesTV-MADecember 26, 2023
Nova Scotia's favorite miscreants have always been super sketchy. Now, carrying on from the Season 12 finale, the boys have become complete cartoons.
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The animated versions of the shows characters is different but, it's not too hard to get used to...Of course; now they can do stunts and actions that are too difficult to reproduce live...Is it better than the live action..of course not...It's kind of a Brickleberry meets Maniac cop vs Drawn Together being raped by Archer...So; It's entertaining...:D... It really doesn't matter; the guys pull it off...Watch it.

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  • John Paul Tremblay
  • Robb Wells
  • Mike Smith
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