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moviePG-13May 2, 2024
Aza confronts her potential for love, happiness, friendship, and hope while navigating an endless barrage of invasive, obsessive thoughts.
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1h 51min
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Despite the film not staggering our eyes with extraordinarily amazing cinematography or oscar-worthy acting performances, it manages to showcase passable performances and some not half-bad shots. Unfortunately the movie itself struggles to engage its audience due to a lackluster plot. It fails to deliver a compelling story, leaving many unanswered questions lingering. What stood out for me was the disproportionate focus on Davis and his family. It gives the impression of inflated importance, detracting from the broader narrative. Also I hated the ending. Overall the movie is a mediocre effort that may entertain momentarily, but ultimately fails to leave a lasting impression.

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  • Isabela Merced
  • Hannah Marks
  • Felix Mallard
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