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tvseriesTV-MAMay 22, 2024
Reena Virk, a fourteen-year-old girl, went to join friends at a party and never returned home. Seven teenage girls and a boy were accused of the savage murder.
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I have been a resident of Victoria BC for about 35 years and this is one of two stories that will always upset me when I think about it, the other being the disappearance of Michael Dunahee. I was only 9 when Reena was murdered but to this day I remember the news coverage and the overall shock felt throughout Victoria was absolutely heartbreaking, for me personally I remember how upset I was at the thought of how scared Reena was and what she went through physically before she died. Those feelings have never gone away to this day and I bet they never will. The ripple effect it had on those in Victoria regardless if they knew Reena Virk or not was absolutely indescribable. As I'm sure you know by watching this series, hearing about the story beforehand or from living in or close to Victoria, the way Reena was murdered was absolutely horrific to say the very least. I don't even want to compare this to an animalistic act because even wild animals would have more compassion than what was shown to Reena that horrific and unforgettable night. Its interesting how someone's story can stick with you for your entire life even if you didn't know the victim or their family before or after the crime against them took place. My heart still and always will go out to Reena, The Virk family as well as her friends. I'll never fully know what they went through and what Reena's family and friends will always go through. Those that commited this disgusting crime will never receive the justice they TRULY deserve. I think Reena's story and the story of every murder victim should be a reminder that our justice system needs A LOT of work. Reena, her family and her friends has and always will be in my heart, especially while I drive over the bridge where this crime took place. I'm grateful Reena's story is being told in a way that many outside of Victoria can learn about it because Reena's story NEEDS to be told, so thank you to those that did this show to the best of their ability. Thus far it did have some points that didn't completely express the way this crime effected so many people, but I feel it has done well so far. Rest In Peace Reena Virk, March 10, 1983 - November 14, 1997.

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  • Lily Gladstone
  • Vritika Gupta
  • Chloe Guidry
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