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tvseriesTV-MAAugust 23, 2023
London police detectives Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan investigate historic cold cases involving missing persons, murder and long-hidden secrets.
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I've become hooked on British crime drama ever since a fortuitous viewing of "Foyle's War" (still one of my all-time favourites). Seeing the first episode of "Unforgotten" (Series 1) was enough to whet my appetite for more so I was thrilled to see what they would do with another season and another plot line that slowly and methodically (but not pedantically) plays out across all six episodes. What comes across in both series is that your past can pop up at the most inopportune moments. Play it for dramatic effect and you will understand why "Unforgotten" is such a powerful and mesmerizing crime drama series. Above all, it's the humanity of the characters that draws you in and keeps you interested in what will happen to them when the past rears its ugly head--sometimes with disastrous consequences!

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  • Sanjeev Bhaskar
  • Jordan Long
  • Carolina Main
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