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tvseriesTV-MAJune 14, 2020
A documentary news series with a taboo-breaking team who deliver incredible news stories from around the world.
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This program is very good to watch. The most important things for me personal is that it gives me an understanding about what is happening in the world. I would miss out on so many things if it wasn't for vice. They go to places that are not covered by other news stations. They go to places where other news stations refuse to cover the news and they go back to places where they focus on the after effect of certain events. (Iraq, Afghanistan). I see that some people are upset about the quality of some of the news reporters but in my opinion the reporters they have represent the normal household person. Most of the people doing the reporting are giving me a feeling that they care. Yes you can argue that they need to be objective but if I want objective news coverage I'll turn in to CNN. The only thing that they could work on is that they need to make more shows. But the content they provide on the internet takes a lot of time to create to so I understand that they are busy. Also, It is awesome that season one is available on YouTube but it would be awesome if season two follows the same lead. But again I understand that there is a contract with HBO and that VICE is probably limited on what they can put on the internet when broadcasting on HBO. And Vice needs the money to send all these reporters to all the countries so they have to follow the contract. In the end Vice is a network where you want to help out, where you get emotional, angry even. That is what news should do if you ask me. It is good that a station as VICE wants to raise public awareness for common problems. Thank you VICE, Roald van der Tempel, The Netherlands

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  • Shane Smith
  • Gianna Toboni
  • Thomas Morton
  • Ben Anderson
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