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tvseriesTV-14August 14, 2023
Max Liebermann, a student of Sigmund Freud, helps Detective Rheinhardt in the investigation of a series of disturbing murders around the grand cafes and opera houses of 1900s Vienna.
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I have been hugely impressed by Vienna Murders, three episodes of absorbing, exciting, and hugely enjoyable drama. This show was bound to draw comparisons with Sherlock, given the associations that's understandable, but that is no bad thing, Sherlock in its heyday was thrilling viewing, this had the same vibe. Think Murder Rooms crossed with Sherlock to get an idea of the tone. The actual crimes are very dark and macabre, the crime fighting duo are superb, the pair play off one another incredibly well, and are well supported by all. Production values are superb, it has a lavish, big budget feel, the first episode in particular looks incredible. I loved all three, but perhaps favoured the second one, it was a wonderful story, but the other two were excellent also. A shame we only had three, but I understand why, it's obvious that these cost a lot to make, and took a long time. Well worth it though, I just hope we get some more in the future. Gripping and utterly entertaining. 9/10

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  • Matthew Beard
  • Juergen Maurer
  • Conleth Hill
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