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moviePGJune 18, 2024
Best friends Malik and Eric discover the joys and hardships of growing up in the sprawling Cabrini-Green public housing complex in 1992 Chicago.
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A PG movie focused on kids, but for audiences of all ages. A story of two boys in Cabrini Green during 1992. Their lives aren't plagued by a ghost named Candyman, since there's plenty of real problems around. Their innocent minds don't let them see how dangerous their world is. I think it captured the 90's enough, but some things felt very current day. The parents in both families choose not to hit their kids. Most kids are never that lucky, and definitely not back in 1992. I'm white for reference, and I was born a year after the film is set, but hitting used to be even more common than it secretly is now. I know it was even worse for black kids, based on stories at school. I get why the film wanted to push that though. Sorry that part just bothered me. Overall it's a good story though. Kids are kids anywhere.

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  • Tyla Abercrumbie
  • Echaka Agba
  • Madisyn Barnes
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