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tvseriesDecember 20, 2022
Si-eun has no interest other than studying. When someone provokes him, he does not shy away from the fight that comes in his way. He has been smartly protecting himself by making quick decisions and made good use of his surroundings. However, he is in danger, and he gets help from Soo-ho and Bum-seok. A great friendship slowly emerges among the three of them while they try to survive in a school where bullying always happens. The ways Si-eun, Soo-ho, and Bum-seok deal with people and violence show how the feeble teenagers become strong.
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The headline says it all --- the themes of this show are long overdue in its portrayal of the S. Korean HS life. Its the best show I've seen all year. Based on a Webtoon comic, Weak Hero is a unique take on the coming of age fighter tale as Yeon Si Eun uses his intellect and unbridled rage to fight and defend those who feel weak under the rules of society thus fall victim. Never has it been a clearer example of hurt people create more hurt people than in this incredible adaptation. Definitely a must watch for fans of South Korean Webtoon manhwas like Study Group, To Not Die and Viral Hit just to name a few.

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  • Ji-Hoon Park
  • Choi Hyun-wook
  • Kyung Hong
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