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tvseriesTV-MAAugust 11, 2023
A documentary-style look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of a group of vampires in Staten Island who have "lived" together for hundreds and hundreds of years.
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This is an absolute beloved show of mine, and I love the mockumentary style, since the wonderful and political incorrect 'Death Valley', which had to disappear for no reason. The humor is very dry. The actors and their characters are why I fell in love with the show. Kayvan Novaks' and Mark Prokschs' performances, now basically the same over the course of four seasons, they never get dull. Between them, my beloved Matt Berry and incredible Nastasia. Demetriou do their thing with ease, while poor but sympathetic Harvey Guillen has the unthankful job of being their mundane servant (with some special abilities though). Kirsten Schaal, who I loved and hated equally in 'The last man on earth' becomes a very nice regular in season 4. Watching this show is like watching something from another age (hence my title), and I embrace every episode, great, good, or mediocre (yes there are some). Also, the title music and the ending songs, along with other music themes in the show, are great. Matt Berry as the great musician he is, has often his hands in it (especially in season four). The stories are often covering surreal facets of our daily life, and by transforming them into the vampiric lifestyle, they show how ridiculous these things are. Note that in my opinion the show has not much to do with the original movie (except vampires living in a shared flat), which I found nice, but not great. The show is much more sophisticated. The four seasons up to now (fall 2022) I would rate as following: S01 - Hilarious entrance 9/10 S02 - A lot of wonderful ideas 8/10 S03 - Always surprising 8/10 S04 - Slightly decreasing story quality 7/10.

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