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movieJune 12, 2024
Lily Pierce is sick of being haunted. She decides to reconnect with her estranged father, a disgraced history professor, and learn how to draw upon a time of steel and blade when armor-clad knights rode out and dueled their monsters to the death.
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1h 39min
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I'm not entirely sure what in the world was going on here. Apparently a young lesbian must go to the countryside and wear her mother's armor and fight off some sort of demon thing that's cursed her family for generations. Or maybe not. I'm not sure how said armor remained unrusted sitting in a box in a basement for 20 years, unoiled and unpolished, but nevermind that. I like the idea of someone pulling the St George routine in our modern era, and there was a lot that could have been done with this story had a better director and writer been in charge - maybe explore the family history, or better define what the monster-thing is. The acting could have been worse tbh, so there's that. But the whole story starts slow then slows down more and finally comes to a shuddering halt, all while accompanied by some of the worst cinematic music I've heard since the '80s. I rented this for $6 from Amazon Prime, and I feel like I should get at least $5 back. I really wouldn't waste either the time or money on this film if I were you.

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  • Colleen Camp
  • Molly Kunz
  • Stefanie Estes
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