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Willy Wonka - chock-full of ideas and determined to change the world one delectable bite at a time - is proof that the best things in life begin with a dream, and if you're lucky enough to meet Willy Wonka, anything is possible.
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Getting the audience to commit to a musical requires some work. Wonka has a few extra hoops to jump through on top of that, they're building off of an existing property that they have to pay respects to as well. Establishing the world is paramount, we need to want to believe that Wonka could imagine these confections and use only the rarest of ingredients to make people fly or experience an entire party in a moment. Clearly Wonka's production budget was huge and the creative team uses it to great effect. The fantastical energy the movie is cultivating is dependent on how real a chocolate flower looks or how plausible it is for a giant chocolate vault guarded by monks seems. The practical sets were impressive and I wasn't annoyed by Wonka's use of CGI. It all blended together well and I have to credit everyone involved for selling it as successfully as they did. I'll caution that if you can't accept any fantastical elements, this movie is going to annoy you very quickly. You need to suspend disbelief and accept some dark quirks (like indentured servitude for orphans) on top of this completely fanciful adventure. I read Charlie and Chocolate Factory as a kid, I enjoyed it and I've seen the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. I think you'll enjoy Wonka more if you're a fan of the property but it also works as a standalone story. Wonka's continued optimism in the face of failure and difficulty could go either way depending on how you see it (inspiring or annoying? You decide). His journey to becoming a successful chocolate maker isn't exceptionally deep but it's charming and it's clearly made with kids in mind. I think from that perspective, Wonka triumphs in taking the audience on a journey that should delight the younger members of the family and keep the less judgmental adults entertained. As much as there's lavish production design and a light and bouncy script, Wonka lives and dies by Timothee Chalamet's performance Willy Wonka. Timothee is an ascending talent and I liked him in the sci-fi epic Dune. I think Wonka proves he's got the talent to do almost anything. He does great work here, he brings a lot of kindness and warmth to the character and he anchors Wonka capably. He also skips around the fact that he's not the strongest vocalist. He still delivers during the musical numbers and there's some good sleight of hand to shield him from having to belt it out like it's a Broadway musical. The supporting cast is great across the board, they're all playing it big (Olivia Coleman, Tom Davis, Paterson Joseph, Matt Lucas, Mathew Baynton and Keegan-Michael Key are all enjoyably hammy as the villains of the piece) but that's also the genre and while they could have been toned down a little, I had to put it aside as a concession to the tone of the film. Kudos to Calah Lane who's portraying Noodle, she's very earnest to the point of being potentially cheesy but that's more of result of her character than her acting. I wasn't planning to go see this movie in theatres but I went out with a couple of friends and I had a surprisingly good time with this film. The lavish production budget, well rounded cast and an inherent sweetness (no pun intended) to the proceedings stripped me of any preconceived bias. Timothee Chalamet's exemplary performance sealed the deal. Wonka still isn't in my wheelhouse and if you don't enjoy musicals, I'm hesitant to recommend it. But if you're attached to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story or if you're in the mood to be swept away into a fantastical world of imagination, I think you'll enjoy Wonka wholeheartedly.

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