WWE Friday Night Smackdown 14th June 2024 720p WEBRip x265 HEVC

tvseriesTV-14June 15, 2024
The superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment's "SmackDown" brand collide each and every Friday on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.
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This is a great wrestling show! Great Talent and everything. I don't know if it is as great as Monday Night Raw but it is Second if not tied at first. Like Raw it has lots of great new guys and lots of great old ones. They have new guys such as Randy Orton, Batista , MNM and Older guys such as Bob Orton and Animal. I tune in when I can to watch Smackdown! but sometimes I work on Thursday's. I asked my work to try not to book me Monday nights for obvious reasons. But I recommend this show to any wrestling fan who is in for a good watch of some great professional wrestling. 10/10

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  • Michael Coulthard
  • John Layfield
  • Rey Mysterio
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