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tvseriesTV-14October 7, 2023
The superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment's "SmackDown" brand collide each and every Friday on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.
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Unlike Monday nights, Smackdown brings the wrestling in their program. In the past, they got all the greatest wrestlers, legends, stars of tomorrow such as Randy Orton, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Lashley, Kid Kash, Mexicools, Paul London, Matt Hardy, Hardcore Holly, JBL, Booker T., Chris Benoit, and sometimes The Undertaker PLUS the future of this sport in The Boogeyman (strange dude), Stacy Keibler, Orlando Jordan, MNM, Sylvan... but even now, the roster is brilliant ! I can't get enough of 2 hours, 2 hours is not enough for such a good show. I am a wrestling fan and it's the reason why I love so much Smackdown and dislike RAW since 2002 because all the entertaining, wrestling and interesting story lines are. Smackdown is the total package, sometimes it have his ups & downs but right now since Wrestlemania, the show is back at what it always was, a top WRESTLING show... plus you have very good entertaining... Edge is the greatest heel of all times, MVP funny and charismatic as usual, Jeff Hardy a human highlight reel... Undertaker is the deadman and nobody can stop him, Mr.Kennedy is really entertaining and cut decent promos, Festus & Jesse are really over and talented, the champ Triple H is something... Well you have all you want in this show plus cute chicks like Michelle McCool, Victoria & Maria to make this show, really complete!

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  • Michael Coulthard
  • John Layfield
  • Rey Mysterio
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