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A regularly scheduled, live, year-round program featuring some of the biggest WWE Superstars.
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Think wrestling is just for kids? Think again. I work at a restaraunt in Toronto and every Monday night we rush a little faster to get our closing duties done so that staff night can start a little earlier. Staff night consists of cheap beer and watching Raw is War. Here we are, adults ranging from the ages of 16-40 glued to the television and we all can't wait to hear lines like " Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?" "Finally the Rock has come back to Boston," and of course, "And that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold Says So!" Raw is War is entertainment at it's finest. Now a days, wrestling isn't anything more than a soap opera anyway, but we all love it. And I think the rennaisance of wrestling, at least in the WWF anyway can attributed to one thing, Austin 3:16. I used to watch wrestling religiously when I was a kid. I even went to the Pontiac Silverdome with 93,172 other people to be part of Wrestlemania III. To watch Hogan slam Andre was the highlight of the night. Wrestling was great back then. But then Hogan got old, Andre died, Piper wanted to do John Carpenter movies, Jake got fat and The Ultimate Warrior stopped using steroids. Wrestling became stagnant and I stopped watching it. I still liked guys like Bret Hart and the Undertaker but there was something missing from the spectacle. But then, just a few years ago, my intetrests were peaked again and that can serioulsy be attributed to one thing and one thing only. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Love or hate him, the man is the personification of entertainment. What he has done is take the same M.O. as Bruce Sringsteen and made it work as a wrestler, except that he is always angry. But look at the similarities. Both are exremely rich but both claim they are no different than the working American. They dress in jeans a t-shirt, they drink beer and they drive a pick up truck. How much more American can you get than that? But forget all that and what you have is probably the most entertaining show on TV. From the two dead guys to "The Millions............of the Rock's fans, to Stone Cold to Shane and Shamrock and HHH and everyone else, this is fun and entertaining. If I had one complaint, it would be that as of right now, HHH is getting away with way to much. I really wish everyone would just gang up on him and take a sledgehammer to his leg. He bothers me, but I guess that is his role. Raw is War is so much fun to watch. And even if you have never seen an episode of Raw before, it is like a soap opera. You can miss a month but they will always recap it for you some how. I don't think wrestling is for everyone. But if you do like the sport, then Raw is War is the best thing going right now. WCW Nitro is good but not quite as good as this one. Watch on Mondays and see for yourself. And remember one thing, " Know your damn role, you roody poo, candy ass! "

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