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tvseriesTV-PGJuly 8, 2020
A regularly scheduled, live, year-round program featuring some of the biggest WWE Superstars.
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All you jabroni's know your roll and shut the hell up. Monday night Ray is the best wrestling show on TV and that's the bottom line. Vinnie Mac has created a spectacle that shouldn't be missed. The line up of wrestlers are led by two young superstars The Rock (the most electrifying man in sports entertainment) and HHH(The Game) but there are also oter great wrestler Kane, Too Cool, The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz and the Godfather. Does WCW have wrestlers whose music can just play and the whole crowd will ignite and listen to every god damn word he has to say (The Rock), does WCW have a tag team which the whole crowd will be calling for tables (The Dudley Boyz), does have a move where the whole crowd will join in when it takes place (The worm) Does WCW have hot babes like Trish Stratus, Terri, The Kat, Does WCW have a wrestler who can drive into the stadium and jump in the ring and kick some ass (Stone Cold) No, No, NO. Everything WCW does it copied from WWF. WCW copied the hardcore title, they moved the commentators ringside like WWF, Tell me Goldberg isn't a complete rip-off of Stone Cold, Every second wrestler in WCW is former WWF (Lex Luger, hilk Hpgan, Steiners, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall) What other orginization would have come up with an Inferno Match, A Tag Team table Match, Hell In The Cell, Buried Alive Match, A Hardcore title (defended 24-7)A Kiss My Foot Match(classic-Bret hart Vs Jerry The King) I mean if you like the WWF is the most xciting two hours on Television. You can run your mouth on how it is bad but if you arn't down with WWF I got two words for you "SUCK IT" If you smell what i'm cooking. I know I'm not the only one out there, if there are any other fans out there, come aboard the WWF train.

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  • Jerry Lawler
  • Michael Coulthard
  • Paul Levesque
  • Mike Chioda
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