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tvseriesTV-PGJune 28, 2019
Wrestlers will portray heroes or villains as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.
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NXT is WWE best brand right now and they have less wrestlers less time shows and they make the most of what they've got with William Regal Triple H in charge and the takeover main event shows are phenomenal their women's division their tag team division their mid card division and the heavyweight division are absolutely amazing, right now raw and SmackDown adismal too many commercials corny storylines and water down wrestling and Talent they don't know what to do with NXT has none of those problems just pure original storylines quality wrestling and promos coming from the heart of the wrestlers this is why this is the best brand in WWE because the future is on there we are NXT.

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  • Darren Matthews
  • Drake Wuertz
  • Johnny Gargano
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