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tvseriesTV-PGApril 2, 2023
WrestleMania 39 live event.
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Day one miz And Snoop Dogg open the show. Austin theory John Cena average opening predictable storyline For the United States championship. The action really begins in the next match with 4 tag teams all put in their bodies on the line with some great style contrasts , pulling off some incredible moves along overall ricochet steals the show In this Don't blink match. A very enjoyable fast paced Encounter. Seth Rollins Logan Paul square of next In strong match good dynamic between, The wrestlers with a fun story line. Next up is a woman's three on three match with legends in the ring in the form of lita Trish stratus and Becky lynch as a longtime fan. I always welcome the return of legends. They pulled off some amazing moves moves in this match. But to be ultra critical the timing of parts was off with people visibly waiting for their next involvements still great to see them together. I feel Bailey's crew worked very hard to keep the match on point. What would wrestlemania be without the return Of legends with notably better timing than the return of a few legends over the last few years at wrestlermania. The highlight of the night battle Mysterio the Father Ray son Dominic one year since holding the tagteam titles. Face off in the match but doesn't disappoint with a super strong build up Big entrances and a match fitting of the build with homage paid to Eddie Guerrero by both participants this was the day one wrestlemania highlight. The Queen Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley will aim to follow the Mysterio Match for the first time the participants referee and the timekeeper and will be women and they did not disappoint hi energy some extreme moves that had to be time to perfection. Made for a brilliant women's SmackDown world title match up. To follow it with Intercontinental Three-way title match Felt the wrong way to me Intercontinental then World title to finish the night . That's not a takeaway from a strong Intercontinental match Between three super strong competitors Guenther Seamus Drew McIntyre. Austria versus Ireland versus Scotland might of made for a great main event at one of the big European nights going on in the summer.

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  • Joe Anoa'i
  • Cody Rhodes
  • Rami Sebei
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