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tvseriesTV-PGApril 17, 2024
The X-Men, a band of mutants who use their uncanny gifts to protect a world that hates and fears them, are challenged like never before, forced to face a dangerous and unexpected new future.
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X-Men 97 is everything a fan needs the story is great the animation is new an fresh the story arc with magneto and all the new members. As a X-Men fan this is perfect just perfect the upcoming story of the dark pheonix and the goblin queen. The return of frask and other plotlines keeps the story fresh after 27 years I can't stress this enough watch the show if you are a fan or not a fan this is by far the best X-Men show in a long time . I am excited for all the new episodes coming up and the future plotlines. I must say the show deserves 10 stars for its animation alone . It makes you excited for future episodes. The show is perfect.

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  • Lenore Zann
  • Matthew Waterson
  • Cal Dodd
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