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tvseriesJanuary 21, 2024
The peaceful life of the residents of the coastal urbanization of Belmonte changes radically the day a sex video of Macarena, a school teacher, and Iva'n, one of her adult students, appears on the networks. This event shakes the lives of all of them, especially Macarena, who is repudiated by her family and neighbors, including Ana, her best friend and Iva'n's mother. Things in the town get even more complicated when the lifeless body of one of Belmonte's inhabitants appears on the cliff. Whose body is it? Does this death have something to do with the sex video of the teacher and the student?
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....wrote that long winded positive review must have been paid. This is extremely trite lightweight tripe and an insult to abuse and imbalance of power issues. Did I read black humour? No it's clumsy humour that backfires delivered by ridiculous characters saying and doing improbable things, the only credible one so far is Mac's husband. And it's time to stop women slapping men because they're angry in tv shows and movies. If this were reversed it would cause the male to be identified as an violent scumbag. I think overall this shows the Spanish culture has a lot of catching up to do.

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  • Irene Arcos
  • Lucas Nabor
  • Natalia Verbeke
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