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movieMarch 23, 2024
Patrick, a strange and lonely resident, lives in a mobile home at the back of an isolated caravan park. After a violent thunderstorm erupts, a mysterious young woman appears at his door, seeking shelter from the weather. The longer the night wears on and the more the young woman discovers about Patrick, the more difficult she finds it to leave. Soon she begins to question Patrick's intentions, while Patrick begins to question his own grip on reality...
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1h 36min
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Wow! I'm very impressed with how well this movie creates a sense of confusion and tension. I was quickly enthralled and able to vicariously inhabit the uncomfortable space along with the characters! Perfect acting. Immersive setting. It easily moves on and builds the tension with characters and plot. It creates an intimate space for horror. As you piece more of each component together, the tension builds and develops to a seething climax of perfect terror. Not too showy or forthcoming. I appreciated how the movie did not treat the viewer like they're stupid. Rather confidently and intelligently, it lets you figure out the story on your own, like you truly would experience with your own terrifying dream sequence. Like one's own dark and surreal nightmares can be, the story feels like an abstract dream you cannot escape. It keeps you anxiously wondering what's going on now, and fearing what the hell could happen next!? Loved it! Highly recommend!

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  • Brendan Rock
  • Jordan Cowan
  • Elena Carapetis
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