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tvseriesTV-PGJuly 31, 2023
Head back to the fast-paced mammal metropolis of Zootopia in this short-form series that dives deeper into the lives of some of the film's most intriguing characters, including Fru Fru, the newly married arctic shrew; Gazelle's talented tiger dancers; and the sloth full of surprises, Flash.
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If you love Zootopia, this is absolute essential viewing! The animation, soundtrack and voice acting are on-point, and the writing is heartwarming, fun, and hilarious! I love that these shorts fill-in little bits of plot from the film, it's really great. I'm going to have anew perspective on the movie when I rewatch it :-) My only issue is that there are only six episodes! Obviously it takes a lot of time, effort and money to make these as high-quality as the film, but all-the-same, when I was done it was a bit like "oh... where's the rest?" which is a real shame. Still, I can see myself watching this multiple times :-) Highly recommended for established Zootopia fans. Heck, I think random viewers could still enjoy it!

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  • John Lavelle
  • Katie Lowes
  • Joey Lawrence
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