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tvseriesJanuary 19, 2024
Diego de la Vega returns to California to avenge his father's murder. After assuming the title of Zorro, he confronts the Governor, the malevolent leader of the Chinese community and a secret society, placing the common good above all.
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Came here expecting a low rating...well...after seeing the low rating i THEN saw that there was only one review written so far...and it had a 10 rating...go figure... i was a big fan of the disney, 'Zorro' when i was a child...so much so, in fact, that my mother actually MADE me a Zorro costume. Definitely one of THE delights of my childhood... i didn't give this a rating because it wasn't really made for me, a 73 year old man...it's made for kids the age that EYE was when i first saw Zorro...something like seven through twelve or thirteen...it's mythical and about a super hero with no super powers...maybe like a Batman of his time...some of the dynamics that make the show better than the original are the special effects and editing...it DEFinitely adds to the overall effect, young people being used to this sort of storytelling. This, unlike the original, is in Spanish...which i enjoyed. My mother was born and raised in Cuba and so i became somewhat familiar with the language, although the subtitles SUREly helped. ; - ) as an adult i'd say it wasn't BAD...but not something that would make me watch a second episode...though i probably will...some things don't change, i guess...

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  • Miguel Bernardeau
  • Luis Tosar
  • Renata Notni
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