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tvseriesTV-14May 11, 2024
Count Alexander Rostov finds himself going from riches to rags following the Russian revolution. A Soviet tribunal banishes him to the attic room of an opulent hotel, where, oblivious to the world outside, he discovers the true value of friendship, family and love.
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A Gentleman in Moscow is a wonderfully entertaining novel, full of pathos and subtlety. I recently read an article where the author Amor Towles gave the green light on this adaptation and is Executive Producer. So I believed it to be in safe hands. After watching two episodes I can say the cinematography, production and costume design are top rate. The casting is not. Ewan McGregor is a fine actor, however he cannot disguise entirely his Scottish accent which is jarring for a Russian Count. Some of the other actors come across as caricatures. Because of the diverse casting policies now, one of the Russian Bolsheviks is played by a black man with dreadlocks which clearly would not exist in the 1920's. History whether fact or fiction should be accurate in every way in my opinion. I won't be bothering with the next episodes. I want to keep my memories of the book intact.

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  • Ewan McGregor
  • Daniel Cerqueira
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