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movieRDecember 12, 2023
A young confidential informant is sent on a dangerous undercover operation. It's a no-holds-barred look at the vulnerable foot soldiers of the War on Drugs, young criminals who are pressured to work for the police.
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1h 21min
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I actually loved this movie, i love how it shows the relationship between a mother and daughter and the lengths a mother would go for her child, amazed by the cast and crew, they had great actors for this! I originally watched this for mikey madison but during the film i've realized how much i like jade and of course river (mikey madison's character) i loved their relationship and even the behind the scenes there are photos and videos of them getting along and having fun and even friendship bracelets mia made for them, they're truly like family and how mikey madison keeps in contact with mia and her family, i hope them best for all and hope they get more roles like these, they did so well together:)!

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  • Moise Amadou
  • Billie J Bradford
  • Calvin Clausell Jr.
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