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movieRDecember 11, 2023
A young confidential informant is sent on a dangerous undercover operation. It's a no-holds-barred look at the vulnerable foot soldiers of the War on Drugs, young criminals who are pressured to work for the police.
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1h 21min
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All Souls, the latest crime thriller from director Emmanuelle Pickett, had the potential to be a captivating exploration of the morally gray world of undercover informants and drug cartels. Unfortunately, it falls flat with its predictable plot, underdeveloped characters, and lackluster execution. Clichéd and predictable: The film follows a tired formula, relying heavily on well-worn tropes and recycled plot points. All Souls does little to differentiate itself. The predictable twists and turns fail to surprise or engage the audience, leaving them feeling uninspired and bored. Unconvincing characters: The characters in All Souls are shallow and underdeveloped. We never truly connect with them on an emotional level, making it difficult to care about their fates. The dialogue is often stilted and unnatural, further highlighting the lack of depth and authenticity in the characters. Lackluster execution: The film's pacing is uneven, with stretches of slow exposition followed by abrupt bursts of action. The editing is choppy and jarring, disrupting the flow of the film and making it feel disjointed. Following the characters when the action breaks out becomes difficult because of the editing. The cinematography is uninspired, failing to capture the gritty atmosphere the film aims for. Overall, All Souls is a disappointing and forgettable addition to the crime thriller genre. It offers nothing new or original, and its flaws outweigh any positives. If you're looking for a captivating and suspenseful film, look elsewhere. If I had to say something positive, I feel that the actress, Mikey Madison, gave a good performance. But none of the other characters could match her acting skills. The little girl is adorable and I am sure she will have many future roles. Here are some of the specific issues I found with the film: The plot is predictable and unoriginal. The characters are shallow and underdeveloped. The dialogue is stilted and unnatural. The pacing is uneven and the editing is choppy. The cinematography is uninspired. Its watchable, but not memerable. Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

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  • Moise Amadou
  • Billie J Bradford
  • Calvin Clausell Jr.
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