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tvseriesMarch 28, 2023
Follows rookie police officers working in Belfast, a city in which being a frontline response cop comes with unique pressures and dangers.
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Badly conceived and written. Badly acted with an unrealistic script. Northern Ireland does not need this kind of tripe. Borders on bigotry, nationalist neighbourhoods' residents hanging around the streets looking for trouble. It should be humanising Northern Ireland's population instead of making like that nothing has changed since the bad old days of the troubles. I'm really fed up of the BBC continually casting Irish people as a bad lot, it is an old fashioned and anirritating stereotype that when ever there is an Irish character on a TV show it is likely he will be portrayed as a bad person and a criminal. It really is insulting. Please stop BBC.

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  • Jonathan Harden
  • Sian Brooke
  • Katherine Devlin
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