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tvseriesJune 30, 2024
Northern Lights tells the story of two grieving strangers whose worlds collide on a rainy night in Dublin. Revelations, confessions, secrets, and lies envelop this darkly humorous, intimate series of hope.
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I came across this by complete chance and only watched it because I thought the male actor was super handsome. You could say I came for the treat and ended up crying like a child. Very well paced and acted. I couldn't stop watching it. The female lead is amazing. It's a story about grief. It's funny in some bits and sad in others. There's nothing else that needs to be said here. I found it very human, very real. I give this 10/10 mostly because I started with no expectations and watched all 6 episodes in one sitting. Cried and laughed. I was convinced by the story and the actors. I do not want to pick at this. It's a feeling. No need for anything else. Watch it and prepare to cry.

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  • Stephen Jones
  • Elva Trill
  • Jennifer Heylen
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