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movieJuly 22, 2020
A young and talented architect comes to his senses after a horrific accident only to find himself in the odd dystopian world. A world that is filled with the memories of all current coma patients. Just like a human memory this world is fragmental, chaotic and unstable. This is COMA: icecaps, rivers and cities can all exist in a space of a single room and laws of physics are no longer laws as they can be bent.
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1h 51min
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Sure, the film can be compared to "Inception", and in this respect it has little to offer that is new. However, when you remember Russian SF classics of the sixties and seventies, you can see that there are links to the Strugazki brothers and especially to Tarkovsky's masterpiece "Stalker". This reveals a powerful, original, almost forgotten Russian SF tradition.

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Cast Overview
  • Rinal Mukhametov
  • Lyubov Aksyonova
  • Anton Pampushnyy
  • Milos Bikovic
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