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tvseriesJune 2, 2023
Two vastly different female detectives are thrown together to solve the murder of a local man in the sleepy seaside hamlet of Deadloch.
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I'm only halfway through the first episode and there have been plenty of giggles and chuckles. The cast is strong and capable....but.... Someone seriously messed up. Main character Sgt Collins checks tide tables...the heading says January. The premise is the murder took place just before the "Winter Festival" and last time I checked winter in Tasmania is July/August-ish. Also, I know the Detective is supposed to be from Darwin and I know Australia is big, but seriously, wouldn't someone from Darwin know winter in Tasmania is colder than the proverbial witch's teat!? If, in fact, the story takes place in January, wouldn't it be considerably warmer than it appears ? I admit, I am confused, but it really is worth a watch, even if one has to overlook the small details.

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  • Kate Box
  • Madeleine Sami
  • Alicia Gardiner
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