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tvseriesJune 9, 2023
Two vastly different female detectives are thrown together to solve the murder of a local man in the sleepy seaside hamlet of Deadloch.
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The premise is good. A small community by the sea or is it a lake? A few strange murders all realted to solve. (Now I didn't understand why apparently 90% of the women here are lesbians, but I don't have to) Yes, it's supposed to be a comedy. Unfortunately, the character of the absolutely horrible Eddie doesn't work at all. It's total overacting. Since the role is not to be taken seriously, all the other characters suffer immensely. Pity to have tried watching it, I've seen the first three episodes, I'll spare the others, otherwise I'll jump out of the window in disgust and anger about the Eddie character. She opens her mouth and you want to turn the show of. What were the creative parts behind the show thinking?

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  • Kate Box
  • Madeleine Sami
  • Alicia Gardiner
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