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tvseriesMay 11, 2024
The Doctor and his companion travel across time and space encountering incredible friends and foes.
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While I don't necessarily love the show's numbering getting reset again, I do hope Season One succeeds at it's goal of drawing in new viewers. Ncuti Gatwa has only appeared in two episodes at the time I'm writing this an he's absolutely electric. This is the first time since I started watching (~2013) that a new Doctor has won me over instantly. Took time for me to love Capaldi and Whittaker but Gatwa is just undoubtedly a perfect casting. I hope RTD's second go as showrunner does Ncuti justice. The venture into a more supernatural Who is very intriguing. I've always loved Who being grounded in a reality, even if that realty is completely made up on the spot. Venturing into ideas like "the language of luck" and baby eating Goblins is camp, silly but perfectly Who. The partnership with Disney thus far (as long as RTD maintains creative control) seems like a great move. Wild Blue Yonder is one of the best Who stories we've seen since Capaldi's finale and I cannot wait to see what our silly little sci-fi show is capable of now.

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  • Ncuti Gatwa
  • Millie Gibson
  • David Tennant
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