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tvseriesJune 22, 2024
The Doctor and his companion travel across time and space encountering incredible friends and foes.
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Many are being unfairly dismissive of the whole season, and some just can't take anything speaking to any wrongs. Not all of the episodes are bad. Many do seem incomplete and lack some of the "edge of the seat" type feelings. Ncuti and companion have good chemistry. However the Doctor has cried too much and it's ridiculous. The writing has the Doctor running away more than seems usual, and being overly scared. He is missing some of the qualities that make him a strong and resilient Time Lord, that has come against some of the most powerful beings. The writing is a little heavy on the Doctor being sexual and his attractions. The episodes and the character need more work, but there are often growing pains. The actors appear to be doing the best with what they have been given.

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  • Ncuti Gatwa
  • Millie Gibson
  • Susan Twist
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