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tvseriesTV-MAMay 6, 2024
As an asteroid hurtles towards Earth with nothing to stop it, one determined teacher fights to keep her former students safe - no matter the cost.
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Not best or worst series watched,despite needing subtitles. Unfortunately where it fell short was moments dragged,you felt as though you missed parts within an episode or dealt with no cohesiveness. When I started the series at first felt by mistake hit another episode,because it didn't feel like the beginning in the story timeline. I don't want necessarily to say it was boring,it could of had greater potential. How the movie flowed it was hard to distinguish between,past & current events happening to the characters. Was this human study on,end of world behavior? If so,would think it was more tightly focused to matters ahead.. But instead we get numerous side-plots that scatter about,12 episodes wasn't actually needed. Also you didn't attach yourself enough to care for anyone,despite an impending doomsday.. You found yourself just wanting a conclusion,roll credits. Don't feel this was acting issues,so much as other mentioned reasons. I love foreign films & even with subtitles or cultural differences,however the storyline felt everywhere or messy to enjoy. Acting to actors chosen was ok,not really familiar with anyone listed & you will find clichés or even plotholes. Cinematography was fine,but otherwise not a series I'd recommend or watch again.

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  • Ahn Eun-jin
  • Yoo Ah-in
  • Ren Hanami
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