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movieApril 26, 2024
Residents of a rundown French apartment building battle against an army of deadly, rapidly reproducing spiders.
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1h 46min
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Overall, "Vermines" delivers top-notch editing that keeps the viewer engaged from start to finish. The character development is well-crafted, building up to a frenetic pace that holds your attention until the end. For arachnophobes, this film can push the boundaries of their fears, even for those who aren't afraid of spiders, like myself. The characters, coming from a lower class background, are fleshed out throughout the story, making it easy to connect with them. Surprisingly, even for someone who isn't a fan of hip-hop/rap, the predominantly urban music soundtrack adds to the film's vibe. "Vermines" can be likened to "REC", swapping out zombies for spiders in a building. While not groundbreaking, it achieves its goal of entertaining and delivering horror at certain moments. However, it could have pushed for more intense and impactful moments, especially to ramp up the suspense. The third act, while not weak, leaves something to be desired in terms of a more memorable and epic conclusion.

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Cast Overview
  • Théo Christine
  • Sofia Lesaffre
  • Jérôme Niel
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