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movieMay 1, 2024
Residents of a rundown French apartment building battle against an army of deadly, rapidly reproducing spiders.
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1h 46min
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Good setup. Made me think of the beginning of "Braindead" (Dead-Alive) from Peter Jackson. It also has some great, odd, close-up camera shots which were great. What follows in Infested, however, is a avalanche of constant group yelling scenes of a bunch of people who make really bad decisions. Again! Why do movie writers keep creating stupid characters just to give them a tool to hurdle over major plot holes? Stop doing that! Create characters which the viewer can relate to and create a better story. I feel though, that this is a promising director, due to the special shots and atmosphere he created. I hope he will do a better job with the next "Evil Dead" movie.

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Cast Overview
  • Théo Christine
  • Sofia Lesaffre
  • Jérôme Niel
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