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tvseriesTV-14December 16, 2023
In a place where young witches, vampires, and werewolves are nurtured to be their best selves in spite of their worst impulses, Klaus Mikaelson's daughter, 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson, Alaric Saltzman's twins, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, among others, come of age into heroes and villains at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.
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I like the way they are handling the story, I like that they merged all of the werewolf, witch, vampire, stuff; instead of focusing only to one of them, they are using these creatures to probably fight a battle that is to come but together. I think the premise of the show is intriguing that they, these mythical creatures, are all somehow forgotten, and they are now coming back. Even though the first few episodes are a bit shaky, it definitely worth the watch and the time. I personally cannot wait for a new episode because I want to know more about, why those creatures were forgotten, who did that, why are they coming back now. Last one is important because I think it can be connected with the existence of Hope. She is an impossible creature herself. You shouldn't go into this waiting for something like TWD or TO or waiting for cameos from those shows, they do happen but try to connect with the new characters. I like the references to those shows but these are the new generation.

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  • Danielle Rose Russell
  • Aria Shahghasemi
  • Quincy Fouse
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