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tvseriesTV-14January 12, 2024
After surviving Godzilla's attack on San Francisco, Cate is shaken yet again by a shocking secret. Amid monstrous threats, she embarks on a globetrotting adventure to learn the truth about her family-and the mysterious organization known as Monarch.
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There's maybe 15-20 minutes of monsters on screen in 4 hour-long episodes. I could honestly care less about the in-depth soap opera drama that exists amongst the people. I get needing to have character development so that you care whether or not they live or die, but this is outrageous. This could have been a 2 hr movie that was released on Apple TV and the studio would have saved money. There's nothing about this that deserves to be stretched into more than 3 episodes. I really hope they deliver on the monsters in the next Kong/Godzilla movie, because Monarch has lowered the bar again on this teeter-totter that is the recent Godzilla series.

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  • Anna Sawai
  • Kiersey Clemons
  • Ren Watabe
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