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movieTV-MANovember 8, 2023
Late 1970s. Two 25-year-old men meet by chance and fall madly in love. An unexpected event, however, separates them. For thirty years they still pursue the hope of finding each other again, because they still love each other.
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1h 53min
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So many reasons to like it , from main actors work ( Luisa Ranieri offers a gorgeous portrait of Titti ) to the 70 decade atmosphere, to the humor and, especialy admirable elegance are good reasons to see it. Again. Because it is one of films using as efficient kick for return across personal memories about encounters and old stories who, after decades, are more fresh or present than in moments when they are real facts. But the real good point is the wisedom to not propose a manifesto, a lesson or a moral. Only a story about intense love of youth , an accident changing everything, the profession as way of succes . Sure, the physical beauty of Andrea di Luigi and Damiano Gavino is a not insignificant virtue, but the gift for viewer remains the clever manner to craft a story using smart the cliches of a remarkable director. The gay crust is just splendid used for a clear- tender- nostalgic state of heart . So, not bad idea to see it.

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  • Andrea Di Luigi
  • Damiano Gavino
  • Luisa Ranieri
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