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movieTV-MANovember 2, 2023
Late 1970s. Two 25-year-old men meet by chance and fall madly in love. An unexpected event, however, separates them. For thirty years they still pursue the hope of finding each other again, because they still love each other.
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1h 53min
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On 22 October 2023, after the opening of the Rome Film Festival on 1 November 2023, Ferzan Özpetek's film was released on Netflix. He wrote the script together with his old friend Gianni Romoli. The release date of the film was not chosen randomly. The story of the film begins 30 years ago on 1 November. Özpetek's films are divided into two categories. A) films with a Turkish crew in whole or in part b) Films with an all-Italian crew. This film is in the second section. Ferzan is an incredibly good director and storyteller... He painted a magnificent 70s Italy and both the background and jukebox music represent both the period and the spirit of the film well. In 2023, I hope Netflix Italy will continue to surprise us with the second Ferzan Ozpetek film. The film highlights an interesting point with its scenario that focuses on two men who meet and fall in love in 1970s Rome and spend the next 30 years looking for each other. It is an interesting detail that the entire world lives in the same feelings between the 1940s and the eighties... They dressed similarly, watched similar films, fell in love with similar songs and experienced similar political movements. Sociologists should study this. In this context, Italy, especially in the background of the first half of the film, will not be foreign to many people.

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  • Luisa Ranieri
  • Greta Scarano
  • Aurora Giovinazzo
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