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tvseriesTV-MAMay 1, 2024
In 1969, an ambitious woman aspires to cross the line between the haves and have-nots to secure her seat at America's most exclusive, fashionable, and treacherous table: Palm Beach high society.
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For the first few episodes, I wasn't sure what direction it all was going. Even though the main actress is phenomenal, and decor and outfits are wonderful to look at. But after watching episode 4, I'm sure I'll keep watching. It makes me laugh-out-loud really often, there are a few exciting storylines of which I wonder how it will end, and I can't stop watching Maxine's acting. She deserves an Emmy for it. I hope people will have a little patience and keep watching, because it's really worth it. It's a true AppleTV show too. Everything looks beautiful, it lightly challenges a few things in which America has gone downhill, but without loosing it's entertaining value.

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  • Kristen Wiig
  • Ricky Martin
  • Josh Lucas
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