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tvseriesTV-PGNovember 21, 2023
Journeying to the far reaches of our planet, this eight part series follows some of the world's most amazing species, telling extraordinary stories that are dramatic, thrilling, funny and sometimes heart-breaking, but always full of hope.
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I'm big Sir David fan but when one's voice has become so old it disservices his own legacy & distracts from film, it's time to retire. Script is very simple yet he still struggles with delivery. Series is short, not the best BBC but VIP to show the remaining areas we can preserve for OUR future. If U've seen all best BBC planet earth, ocean & spy films, most narrated with Sir David's unique "wonder tone", you'll recognize same shots enhanced to HD. It's been 25 yrs since Sir David started best written, highly profitable & enjoyable nature docs, while he was already in his 60's. He WAS the best- no longer. We all age incl voices. Ask any experienced singer- voices get rusty. With age, esp in mid 90s. In THIS series, viewers see how much we've allowed to vanish yet there's still wondrous areas that CAN BE PRESERVED by consumers choice & demand. Ppl do NOT want to blame themselves for apathy & ruining their own future.? This is not in the film. There's few seconds reminder of how we fish -1 medium size fishing boat with typical huge net & how it catches ENTIRE fish shoal- billions of fish & all marine life around it.. It FAILS to show the daily fleets of thousands of huge fishing factories with multi nets, over fishing in South seas / South Pole- last area of fish stocks depleting fast. THIS film FAILS to show relationships of fish, healthy coral, kelp, mangroves, river estuaries & ICE in both poles, ALL requisite for fish & their food to reproduce. Fact: 70% of ppl globally rely on sea for fish daily. Not in this film. Missing from this film is VIP message PPL remain the SOLE dominant species & for short term greed, we still think the ocean is magically replenished after continuous generations of over fishing, that ancient forests & pristine ecosystems are somehow "regrown" by Easter bunny or nature earth fairies, & slaughtering whales, dolphins,& orcas will stop OUR overfishing. ONLY ppl kill daily Millions of "by catch marine life from blue whales to krill" from unregulated fishing, esp abandoned floating fish nets that poison seas & ppl for decades. No one cleans up these plastic nets or makes it illegal to dump them in sea despite known devastation Nit in this film: We must learn to share/ care for this planet instead of mono cropping mils of acres, clearing & burning few gem habitats for new homes, these last rare gems that sustain remaining hardiest keynote species & predators., Ppl seek nature for VIP events, honeymoon, dream vacations, celebrations, revitalization, spa treatments - ALL ADS show pics of pristine beaches & sand, forests, valleys, NOT pics of oil drilling platforms, crude oil spills in sand, factories spewing out C02, nor auto/ plane traffic & streets ; nor cruise ships packed with ppl. This is not in film but should be linked. Reply to all doubters that ppl are causing global warming, "blaming scientists" who do NOT have free platform. That's same logic as blaming victim for getting robbed/mugged- why were U there? Why did U bring any type of $ or wallet? U should Stay home & never venture out- then U will likely not be a victim. NOT IN THIS SERIES: After 25 yrs of freely spreading global data Re HUMANS need thriving ecosystems to survive- what's our response to truly change our future? Nothing. Instead, we've Doubled our population, intensified using fossil fuels, & big govts are fighting over drilling oil from ice free North Pole, which will cause release billions of tons of encased methane. See Hulu "Racing Extinction" filmed 2009. Methane caused this planet's extinction of virtually ALL life, incl tiny microbes = foundation of all life in sea. Without a healthy ocean, nothing on land can survive. It's not dinosaur / top predator extinction, it's ALL life we are dooming. And there's going to be vast suffering of ppl every where. It's not going to be a nuclear explosion. ThIS series revisits same places as 1st planet earth & is more about hope- but waiting for "someone else" to save us is long over. Due to poor narrative bc Sir David has permanently lost his unique vocal tone, it's heartbreaking for filmmakers who risk a lot to film natural behaviors. Here, viewer gets tired fast of listening to Sir D's voice that sounds like he's suffering from severe laryngitis. Get J Irons, Tom Hiddleston, Charles Dance, Nigel Lythgow - all Brits who've proved they can perform outstanding nature narration / acting & still retain their unique vocal tones today.

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