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tvseriesTV-PGDecember 4, 2023
Journeying to the far reaches of our planet, this eight part series follows some of the world's most amazing species, telling extraordinary stories that are dramatic, thrilling, funny and sometimes heart-breaking, but always full of hope.
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The latest documentary series from the BBC, featuring the iconic narration of David Attenborough, is a breathtaking piece of art that touches the heart and nourishes the soul. It is a much-needed respite from the chaos and destruction that humans have inflicted on our beautiful planet. The stunning cinematography captures the majesty and wonder of the natural world, showcasing its many marvels and reminding us of the fragility of our ecosystem. Through its powerful storytelling and imagery, the series serves as a wake-up call, urging us to reconsider our actions and the impact they have on the planet. It is a poignant reminder that we must all take responsibility for our actions and work together to protect the wonders and pains of our beautiful planet for future generations.

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  • David Attenborough
  • Tom Greenhalgh
  • Fredi Devas
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