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movieRMarch 30, 2024
A high school coach, whose teenage daughter was murdered, takes matters into his own hands by going after the men who kidnap his students for their sex trafficking operation.
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Ruthless is directed by Art Camacho and stars Dermot Mulroney and Jeff Fahey. What should've been a competent Taken/ Death Sentence ripoff instead becomes one of the most poorly made and laughably incompetent movies I've seen this year. Dermot Mulroney stars as Harry a high school wrestling coach whose teenager daughter was murdered. He takes matters into his own hands when one of his female students is kidnapped and sold into a child trafficking ring in Las Vegas by her mother's abusive boyfriend. Aside from numerous plot holes this movie has (like Mulroney's character not getting CPS involved from the start.) and the horrible dialogue and artificial supporting cast of actors (excluding Jeff Fahey) where it feels like this is their first ever acting gig. Director Art Camacho has been working in the industry for years as a stunt coordinator so for him to deliver a movie on this level is just sad. He ain't no David Leitch or Chad Stahelski unfortunately. Also I have to mention for a movie called Ruthless Mulroney's character isn't ruthless at all here and doesn't kill anyone he just breaks a lot of arms and fingers. Granted I should've known what I was getting into because most films that are distributed by Saban Films are on this level or worse but I was at least expecting something more competent than this. If there's any reason to watch this movie it's for Dermot Mulroney who has always been one of those actors who consistently delivers good performances in everything they do but never really had a breakout role. He elevates the bad material he's given here the best he can but there's only so much he can do. He deserved a better action vehicle for himself. I can only hope he had a better time making this movie than I and probably anyone else will have watching it.

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