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movieTV-14April 9, 2022
Nicknamed after a human-devouring spirit, the ruthless leader of an overseas black ops team takes up a dangerous mission in a city riddled with spies.
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2h 5min
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But nonetheless still a very exciting action packed thriller. I don't think this movie would be allowed to be released in China, 'cause most of the incidents happened in a north-east China city. Both South Korean and Japanese were involved in non-stop battles against each other, trying to get a top secret from the North Korean chief of intelligence. The acting part from the South Korean actors were absolutely great. The screenplay was also carried out perfectly. All the fighting scenes also looked quite real and seamless. This movie also carried a hidden message that both North Korea and South Korea seemed to realize neither Japanese nor American government would like to have a unified Korea and, of course, neither CCP China like North Korea united with South Korea. This hidden message is just an open secret that most of the people in the world, except those naive ones, already knew such fact. This is a very unique and exciting thriller, even it's a bit absurd, still highly recommended.

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  • Sol Kyung-gu
  • Park Hae-soo
  • Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
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