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tvseriesTV-14April 1, 2024
Homicide detective Tess Avery, diagnosed as blind, teams up with Sunny Patel, a remote guide, to solve crimes. Using tech and trust, they tackle cases while challenging notions of ability and boundaries.
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It's not an easy thing to say but is quite possibly the worst tv series ever made. Other terrible shows have been ironic fun (Cop Rock!) or laughable because of the how boldly ambitious they are, but Sight Unseen is offensive in its blandness and sheer ridiculousness masquerading as real drama. It uses all the high end gloss of network procedurals for such an empty, and completely outlandish concept that is not only offensive to the disabled but to law enforcement. What's worse is that this is what Canadian tv networks (who spent millions) and producers (who collected millions) think viewers will like. It's a race to the bottom and Sight Unseen is in the lead!

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  • Dolly Lewis
  • Agam Darshi
  • Jarod Joseph
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