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tvseriesTV-14April 2, 2024
Homicide detective Tess Avery, diagnosed as blind, teams up with Sunny Patel, a remote guide, to solve crimes. Using tech and trust, they tackle cases while challenging notions of ability and boundaries.
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Another cop show trying to be different. The concept is intriguing but the execution is not plausible. If you take the series out of reality and watch it objectively it could work but it needs better writing; too cliche. The "bad guy" is easily picked out in episode one. The actors passes the grade and are competent. The first episode crammed too much into the hour. It went from able to see to going blind to functioning blind while trying to introduce characters' development and interactions. Character chemistry doesn't happen that fast. There is no indication of a timeline and appears every thing happened in a few days. The series could work if they stay with its uniqueness and explore that path otherwise it just be another cop show.

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  • Dolly Lewis
  • Agam Darshi
  • Jarod Joseph
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