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tvseriesTV-14April 6, 2023
100 years in the future, planetary colonization missions have begun as a necessity to help secure the survival of the human race. The first of these missions on a spacecraft known as Ark One encounters a catastrophic event causing massive destruction and loss of life. With more than a year left to go before reaching their target planet, a lack of life-sustaining supplies and loss of leadership, the remaining crew must become the best versions of themselves to stay on course and survive.
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This show is worse than the first season on LEXX or Tales from a Parallel Universe. The "actors & actresses" are like the HS theater club kids who go on stage and pretend to be trees and then cry about it because the students that watched the play 'didn't understand our talents'. The compression suits worn by these colonists teens have hood helmets that hold pressure? Come on? It's like wrapping a person in aluminum foil and proclaiming he's now a state of the art cyborg? Huge open decks full of cryo-beds and they gripe about wasted space for storage? Rooms and corridors are wider than the ones on the Enterprise D and Discovery? Rationed foods are prepackaged little cubes of cookie in cardboard that is waste packaging? Crew quarters are huge without storage in the room because they have rows of lockers with the colonists personal items stored away so they can be tampered with later or used to frame the curly haired girl who doesnt shut up? The girl in charge has a room with a queen sized bed in it? She wasn't in charge before the Event happened? Was this her room assigned to her before the adult captain died? This isnt the captains room she just moved into is it? Do any of the writers know anything about the genre of space travel TV shows? Cancel season 2. Cancel episode 2 for me even.

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  • Christie Burke
  • Reece Ritchie
  • Richard Fleeshman
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