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tvseriesTV-PGMay 1, 2023
In 1935, financially strapped widow Louisa Durrell, whose life has fallen apart, decides to move from England, with her four children (three sons, one daughter), to the island of Corfu, Greece. Once there, the family moves into a dilapidated old house that has no electricity and that is crumbling apart. But life on Corfu is cheap, it's an earthly paradise, and the Durrells proceed to forge their new existence, with all its challenges, adventures, and forming relationships.
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I really enjoyed this first season and am baffled by the bad reviews. A few people actually seem angry. This is a very charming show set in 1935 about a family who move to Corfu from England. A widowed mother with four children, all trying to grow up and find their way not only in new culture but as teenagers discovering themselves. The youngest, Gerry, is a love with his big heart for all kinds of animals, as he tries to rescue, home them, love them and learn from them. It's really a shame that some reviewers find him self centered for he is the least self centered of all the children. The island is beautiful, the characters (including the wonderful Leslie Caron) are quirky and real all at the same time. All of life comes to play in this series. I plan to watch it again and hope for a second season. It's an adventure of life, family, evolving, friendship, love and nature. A bonus for me that Gerry loves the animals and how he tends to them with so much love.

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  • Keeley Hawes
  • Josh O'Connor
  • Milo Parker
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